Let s Survive MOD APK v1.0.1 Free Craft
Let s Survive MOD APK v1.0.1 Free Craft

Let s Survive MOD APK v1.0.1 Free Craft

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Let s ,Survive, MOD APK ,v1.0.1, Free Craft,

Let’s Survive is the new offline survival game, full of ash, fear, zombies, mutants, and thugs. A world of shooter, survival, building, crafting, and action in which only the strongest and the fittest person survives.

When you seem to be the only one person during zombie invasion, your main rule left just to survive. Look for resources and items, craft various weapons. Fortify your shelter and repeal zombie and bosses attacks. Monitor your health, thirst, hunger, and disease levels. Complete quests and join survival fractions.




  • Free craft
  • Coins increase when shopping in the store
  • Free purchases for real money
  • You can get free stuff without watching ads


  • Free Craft

You can craft things on workbenches even if you don’t have enough resources


1. Invincible
2. High damage
3. Not hungry
4. Not thirsty
5. Undiminished intelligence
6. Unlimited durability
7. Unlimited Stamina
8. Unlimited energy
9. Unlimited gold coins
10. Unlimited split
11. Blueprints and Construction
12. Free ads to get rewards

The melees begin to take place, and Let’s Survive will allow you to use weapons to carry out the fight. This is a very attractive and creative survival game; players need to show all their own levels. More specifically, you have to fight with all the zombies scattered everywhere and fight with all the biggest pitfalls. The game will also provide players with a series of unique support features to shorten its time to kill the zombies.

Let s ,Survive, MOD APK ,v1.0.1, Free Craft,


Floods of zombies are suffocating people in the world, and wars are starting to break out more and more. However, these floods will be prevented by people in the world, and you also need to come out and fight. This war has a lot of scary things, and you also need to develop the ability to face those pitfalls. Players need to prepare support equipment to stand up to fight and overcome the walls full of zombies.

Those bloodthirsty zombies start to attack you and the other villagers. The number of deaths due to zombie attacks is enormous and unimaginable today. However, players also need to be alert around us in order to be ready for battles. There are many exciting things in this survival game, and fascinating stories are gradually revealed for players to know.

Let’s Survive – Survival game in zombie apocalypse


You are tasked with being a commander who can manage the army systems to carry out the attack. The wars are opened in turn, and you will also see huge consequences. Let’s Survive yearns for you to be able to quell those powerful attacks because more than anyone else, you are the one who can decide the survival of the whole world. The bloody battle will give you more motivation to help you reach your full potential.

The game offers a variety of essential weapons large guns that will help you in killing zombies. The power of zombies is increasing and becoming more and more terrifying, so be prepared to improvise in time. It would help if you chose risky areas to create the initiative for our troops and perform attacks from afar. If the zombies are passive, they will be easily injured and lose their ability to resist, so you can urge our troops to advance to take everything.

Let’s Survive – Survival game in zombie apocalypse


The heat of the wars began to rise sharply, the tanks operating at full capacity. Big guns are always a safe weapon for you to use to avoid attacks and serve your combat. You should also send a few more troops to invade the zombie swarm to strangle them and make them die. If that plan is a success, good luck to you and those fighting alongside you.

Players should also build the most powerful attack and defense system. Attack to calm the heat of the zombies and have a chance to win in new areas. As for the defense, you also need to pay attention because if they suddenly attack strongly in your area, you can also defend and come up with new battle plans. Let’s lead the world to happiness, and only you can do those great things.

Through here, Let’s Survive makes the zombies feel like they are living in hell; you will have many opportunities to join this war. Players are always allowed to penetrate the mysteries to hunt for fascinating events. At the same time, you also need to completely solve the unique survival wars because that is the source of these violent wars. Be a famous commander, destroy the zombies and capture the most extensive territories.

Let’s Survive – Survival game in zombie apocalypse


  • You will become a commander who has the right to lead the army to join the fight to repel the tribulation.
  • Smash groups of fearsome zombies down one by one, and you need to pay close attention to your next moves in this mighty army.
  • Use guns and other essential weapons to counter those ghastly traps and create the most potent shootings.
  • Upgrade the army system and build more troops outside to eradicate the enemy.
  • Collect a lot of resources to exchange weapons powerful vehicles for the long wars in this world.

Let’s Survive v1.0.1 MOD APK (Menu, Free Craft, Unlimited All) Download

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ RPG Survival Game Features ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~~~ Live at all costs ~~~
Survive after the tragedy is not an easy task. An RPG survival game simulator is a constant searching and collection of items and resources, and character’s life (hunger, thirst, health, radiation levels) indicators’ constant monitoring. Don’t let your character starve and sick for a long time! Moreover, post apocalyptic survival is also the danger of being bitten by zombies, while searching, so don’t forget to take your weapons and pet that is looking for useful items with you or you will die in the teeth of hellish bloodthirsty creatures.

~~~ Crafting and base building ~~~
In the dawn of zombie apocalypse every survivor must have his own base with strong walls, craft ranged and melee weapons and armor to save from enemies, look for various survival items. Create a safe zone to be secure during dark days, cook food on fire, build shelters, barricades and fortifications and craft as many weapons as possible.

~~~ Complete adventure quests and go through the storyline ~~~
In the process of passing the zombie apocalypse survival games, you will be able to go throught the storyline and complete quests that will bring you additional resources. For example, you need to hold out for a day in a certain location (conditionally point Z, A, R, etc).

~~~ Chat with other survivors ~~~
What is a survivor game without fractions? Our new zombie simulator has a whole system of different leagues that you can join and receive bonuses. Down with loneliness! Try to survive together.

~~~ Fight bosses ~~~
Survival is further complicated by the presence of strong bosses. Destroy them if you want to get delivery with rare and rich loot. Watch out, stalker! Zombies are ready to attack! Get ready for the adventure and pain in Let’s Survive.

~~~ Stealth mode ~~~
Play quietly looking for unkilled zombies who have improved hearing and sight, and always ready to kill you. Or act hard breaking through the zombie uprising and clearing the land from terrible creatures. Follow the survival rules and stay alive in the nightmare.

~~~ Drive vehicles ~~~
Get cars, boats, and other vehicles that will help you get around faster from place to place in our survival game. Crush zombies in the city or forest, move faster!

~~~ Daily reward ~~~
Break through the zombie uprising in the middle of the wasteland in our survival simulator every day and receive useful daily rewards. They will provide you with improved defense from zombie and resources for base building.

~~~ Multiplayer mode (play with friends) ~~~
~~~ Full-fledged construction ~~~
~~~ New bosses ~~~
~~~ Mutations ~~~
~~~ Daily quests ~~~
~~~ New locations (hospital, police office, school, jail, factory) and secrets ~~~
~~~ Bunkers ~~~
~~~ New events ~~~

Video GamePlay Let’s Survive

I’m the last survivor outlived the apocalypse! This is a city of mine. And I will fight for it in Let’s Survive!

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What`s new

Fixed crafting of repair kits Fixed bugs on the map Defibrillator bug fixed

MOD APK Let’s Survive info:

  • Free Craft

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