I The One MOD APK v3.09.01 (Free Shopping/Unlocked)
I The One MOD APK v3.09.01 (Free Shopping/Unlocked)

I The One MOD APK v3.09.01 (Free Shopping/Unlocked)

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I The One ,MOD APK, v3.09.01, (Free Shopping/Unlocked),

Known as a fighting simulator, “I, The One” promises to bring you breathtaking fighting moments. Unlike other traditional boxing matches, this arena has differences in the number of opponents you face. If you only fight one person, there are so many, and it is impossible to count.

I The One ,MOD APK, v3.09.01, (Free Shopping/Unlocked),


First of all, we will start to learn about the gameplay of this game, whether it is too difficult or just carries very light tasks. Specifically, players can use the joystick and attack keys to suppress and eliminate enemies in the arena with the horizontal mode. Whenever you want to attack or control a character, just touch that button, and you’re done.


We are also bringing you an additional female portrait mode where the player moves through operating the rotation of the virtual joystick. Have you ever heard of the concept of virtual joystick rotation? Specifically, it is like a steering wheel that allows you to move your character on the ring in any direction. When you want the character to go to the left, you will rotate the lever to the left, and the same goes for other suggestions. Especially when you want to make each attack on the enemy, just release it.

I, The One – Fun Fighting Game


When arriving at I, The One, the player is stepping on the unique ring, namely the roof of a high-rise building with no security fence. When any character falls below, it means the game for that player is over because you are dead. Therefore, your task must be to maintain life to the end at all costs by knocking down the enemies to the ground.


In order to eliminate enemies so that there are a few people in the arena as possible until you are alone, I, The One, allows you to use karate-related skills to beat them. Not stopping there, we also create opportunities for players to perform legendary MMA punches that can be deadly; teeth can leave their jaws immediately. Can your admirable boxing moves help you conquer the ring?

I, The One – Fun Fighting Game


I, The One, now brings you competitive PvP battles against millions of other players from around the world. How players can make more powerful punches is the question of many gamers? The answer for you is that after each punch with the enemy, your treasure will automatically own more points. This is the driving force for the players’ punches to become more and more violent and deadly.


Not stopping there, your strength is also supported by many different accessories. Not to mention the appearance of new leather buckles so you can protect your life more safely, besides the unlimited existence of boxing gloves, one of the legendary symbols of boxing and for the character himself. In addition, many other power-ups are also waiting for you to discover.

I, The One – Fun Fighting Game


  • Join the particular boxing match on the towering roof with a romantic setting.
  • The atmosphere is tense when you can die at any time if you leave the ring.
  • Perform attacks with MMA-specific bold blows and unmatched skills in karate.
  • Upgrade strength through external accessories such as boxing gloves or street planes.
  • The punch’s power can be significantly more muscular thanks to the number of points you get when punching the enemy.

I, The One – Fun Fighting v3.09.01 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Kick enemies & knock them out of the arena in the online fighting simulator!

You’re on the top of the roof. What will you do? Kick, punch, knockout — fight for the survival of course! There’s only room for one boxer in this ring. So take it!

I, The One is an accurate fighting simulator, where you choose your mini city fighter and enter the battle arena. Defeat enemies with epic boxing moves, use karate skills and give deadly MMA punches! The goal is to push rivals out of the battlefield. For each punch, you’ll get points that will make the next one more powerful!

🥊 Top features 🥊

• Join online PvP fights against players from all across the globe
• Kick harder & get points for more powerful punches
• Choose from a variety of battle arenas and modes with real action
• Use boxing and MMA moves to defeat other players in the fighting ring
• Unlock new skins, boxing gloves, boosts and other features to upgrade your street fighter
• Play in both portrait and landscape modes

🥊 How to play 🥊

• In landscape mode use a joystick and attack button
• In portrait mode move by turning a virtual joystick in the required direction and release it to perform an attack

Ready to be the champion of this boxing arena? Unleash your fighting rage and beat ‘em up!

Video GamePlay I, The One

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Name I, The One
Genre Action
Size 113
Mods Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Play Store vh.one
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- performance improvements

MOD info?

• Unlimited Money
• Free Shopping

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