Justice Rivals 3 1.092 (Unlimited Money)
Justice Rivals 3 1.092 (Unlimited Money)

Justice Rivals 3 1.092 (Unlimited Money)

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Justice Rivals, 3 1.092 ,(Unlimited Money),

Who’s up for a good old game of cops and robbers? Well, now you can enjoy this classic game on your mobile at any time. Download Justice Rivals 3 for Android to experience an amazing game with different aspects of this.

Take control of a law-abiding police officer or a ruthless criminal in this game of cat and mouse. Which team will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out.

Justice Rivals, 3 1.092 ,(Unlimited Money),

Choose your team, pick your side. Are you one with the law? Or, perhaps your prefer to stand against those who are righteous?

Playing the Game

The main objective of the game is to play the role of either a police officer, or a criminal. Whichever you side you belong to, you’ll have an amazing experience.

As a crook, you’ll need to successfully rob various locations and then get into hiding. Make sure to take out all of the police who are after you and claim victory.

On the other side, there are police officers. You’ll need to take out all of the different criminals who are attempting to rob various objectives.


There are still different aspects of Justice Rivals 3 that both teams can experience. For one, you have the ability to drive various cars during your gameplay. The police have access to their squad cars, while criminals can steal and access different vehicles.


Also, there is a variety of guns that you can utilize and fight off your opposing team with. Play the game the way you see fit, whether a police officer or a robber. Just ensure that your team remains on top.

Controls & User Interface

As far as controlling the game goes and user interface, you’d notice a lot of simple and positive aspects. To put it simply, the interface and controls are superb and amazingly easy to become comfortable with.


All controls are displayed on screen for the most convenience to user. Your movement is on the left side of the screen, in the form of a joystick. In addition, every action has an image that displays what the button is associated with.


Regarding the graphics of the Justice Rivals 3 game, everything looks fairly decent for a mobile game. Being a fully 3D first-person shooter, the visuals and quality still hold up well. Nothing super-realistic, yet is still distinguishable enough to appeal to everyone.

In the end, the graphics aren’t a deal breaker to anyone who is playing the game. In fact, when you are already so immersed into the cops and robbers experience, there’s no room to even notice the graphics and visuals.



So, continue to enjoy the game. The graphics, overall, are subpar and aren’t that big of a letdown. At the same time, they aren’t anything to get too excited about either. Just play and take the graphics and visuals as an extra accessory to the game.

Justice Rivals 3 Mod APK Free Download

Don’t forget, when you choose to download the game, go for the Justice Rivals 3 Mod APK latest version.


There are additional features to keep the game super-entertaining for everyone. Here are the different head starts that are available when you choose the Justice Rivals 3 latest version for Android:

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

These different reasons should carry enough weight for users to feel encouraged to download the game for themselves. If not, there are still many fun games spread out across our website for them to enjoy. On that note, go ahead and look through our catalog of apps and games, regardless of whether you choose to download Justice Rivals 3 for Android.

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Genre Action
Size 123.08MB
Mods Unlimited Money
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What`s new

1.095: Fixed controls customization
1.09 Major Update:
- Character customization.
- You will be able to enter all the houses in the game, each one has a unique interior and can be looted.
- 5 New vehicles (police suv, electric car, ambulance, firetruck, new sport car).
- 2 New weapons for everyone & Handcuffs for cops.
- Clans.
- Private servers for role-playing or duels, but no real winnings in robberies, money and other stats can only be won on public servers.

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