Snow Drift MOD APK v1.0.17 (Unlocked/Coins)
Snow Drift MOD APK v1.0.17 (Unlocked/Coins)

Snow Drift MOD APK v1.0.17 (Unlocked/Coins)

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Snow Drift, MOD APK, v1.0.17, (Unlocked/Coins),


Snow is everywhere. Unfortunately, you have no shovel. But you do have a car! Now show that snow who is the boss!

Will you beat all levels and become the drift master?

When you arrive at the race of Snow Drift, you will not stop being stunned by the dizzying rotating tools. You will be immersed in the surrounding snow clouds blocking your way. Your task here is not to race with any opponent, but your job is to control the distance so that it can make all the ice and snow completely melt on the field. After you don’t see any more white snow, that means you can go to a new level with a new experience.

Snow Drift, MOD APK, v1.0.17, (Unlocked/Coins),


First of all, when you just joined the game, we give you a single car and a small snowdrift for you to get acquainted with. You can actively control and control the direction of the vehicle through the touch screen instructions including left and right turns. Be very skillful in driving the car to hit the snow and melt it.


If you cannot complete any level, the player will be able to play again until passed. Here, the game’s level design is considered relatively easy to understand, so it is especially suitable for most people. You will go to each level in turn from small to large, parallel to the level will increase gradually, the great clusters become more and much thicker than before. If you are not careful, you can slip at any time.

Snow Drift Snow Drift


In addition, the graphics on the screen are extremely realistic when surrounded by white and yellow lines representing the typical warnings and signs of the traffic system. Snow Drift proceeds to surround your field represented by a car with a bunch of white stripes. If unfortunately you drive without good control, causing the car to go beyond that limit before you break all the snow, it also means that you fail in a certain level.


In contrast, if you succeed in breaking the snow without being sent off the field, Snow Drift will immediately bring you to a podium with sounds of praise. Along with that, to highlight the winners even more, we also have another surprise for you which is the impressive fireworks display around the podium. You will also get that pride at any level, even the first, most superficial level.


Not stopping there, Snow Drift also gives you coins to collect. Do you wonder where they will be hidden? The answer for the player is that the gold coins are randomly scattered in the snow. Each time your car touches it, obviously the coins will be dropped into your pocket and there is a counting system so that the player can control the number of resources he has earned.

Snow Drift Snow Drift


Also, you won’t get bored with us just reaching for a single car going through the levels without any innovation. Specifically, Snow Drift allows you to collect a brand new car that is more luxurious in our car collection. However, not everyone can access these options. Players must reach a certain level of coins before embarking on the selection process.

  • The direct confrontation between the high-class car and the white snow on the field is limited in the area by white lines.
  • Be careful not to drive off the limit line, or you will fail and have to start over.
  • Upgrade your level when you can control the car to crash directly into the snow, causing it to melt away without any white patches.
  • Players have the right to collect many more gold coins that have been hidden in the snow, your number one enemy.
  • Opt for a newer, more productive car when it’s qualified for gold resources, a collection will be on display for you.

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Name Snow Drift
Genre Apps
Size 54
Mods Unlocked/Coins
Play Store com.snow.drift
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  • Unlocked/Coins

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