DogLife BitLife Dogs MOD APK v1.6  Top Dog Time Machine Unlocked
DogLife BitLife Dogs MOD APK v1.6  Top Dog Time Machine Unlocked

DogLife BitLife Dogs MOD APK v1.6 Top Dog Time Machine Unlocked

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What would it be like to live life as a dog?

Say hello to DogLife, the NEWEST addicting text-based life simulation game from the creators of BitLife!

Will you be a ruff-and-tough stray dog on the streets, an attention-hungry house dog, or man’s best friend who’s a little bit pampered in this interactive storytelling life sim game? Your story is YOURS to unfold as you interact with HUNDREDS of scenarios on your journey to become the friendliest (or TOUGHEST) dog on the block. This addictive game will have you coming back for more–no two DogLife lives are the same!

There are SO many breeds to choose from! Play as a golden retriever, bulldog, German shepherd, rottweiler, pitbull, Shiba Inu, and MUCH MORE!

⬆️ Climb to the TOP of the animal hierarchy. Show everyone you’re the baddest dog around, and SCHOOL everyone on why dogs are better than cats!

🏠 Where will you live? Choose one of FOUR unique habitats as the starting point for your dog’s story: a household, a shelter, a pet store, or a stray dog on the streets.

🎗️ COLLECT achievements and ribbons to commemorate the stories you’ve lived!

🐶 Introducing our ALL-NEW kennel feature! Send one puppy or dozens of puppies to your friends!

🐈 INTERACT with other animals! Will you continue the feud between dogs and cats, or will you be everyone’s faithful friend?

🐾 Got a special dog in your life? Use our custom character feature to recreate your precious pet and live out their virtual life!

🐱 What’s that dirty kitten smell?! Become the scent collector as you add as many smells to your scent database as possible!

😈 Don’t be idle! Work your way through DOZENS of scenarios that’ll put you at the top of the food chain! Show that annoying street cat that you don’t play games.

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Your choices determine your fate. Start your DogLife journey ASAP and see how your sims’ stories unfold!


DogLife simulates the lives of different dogs, allowing players to enjoy their precious time as mischievous dogs. Close-up cameras will help you detect and record your activities in this life. Brand new experiences will be accompanied by stories that couldn’t be more fun. Being present in multiple locations, completing a loyal dog’s quest, or picking a fight with a neighbor’s cat will help you score more achievements. The echo of the loyal dog will help you receive a lot of love and occupy the top position of the leaderboard.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs ,MOD APK v1.6 ,(Top, Dog/Time Machine, Unlocked),


A list of DogLife’s dogs will be displayed on the screen, and you can choose any character. Different breeds of dogs from around the world gather and compete for the position of being pampered by their owners. The newly opened cards will help you determine their correct information and make it easier to choose when carefully reading their names, characteristics, and personalities. Next, when you have decided on the character you want, the player will be able to choose the owner and the location to live. There will be four fixed locations; the game takes you to new and exciting experiences through your choice of them.


Each pet will have a different life. As a dog, DogLife represents everything that happens every day. Your tasks will be sent to the mailbox. Each activity will help you improve your personality and participate in useful activities. The owner will give you the task of guarding the door, keeping the house, or picking up the ball. Neighbors will have pleasant conversations with you, but does this make the space too noisy? The leaderboard will record all your activities, regularly observe them and choose the activity that interests you the most.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs ,MOD APK v1.6 ,(Top, Dog/Time Machine, Unlocked), DogLife: BitLife Dogs


To become an honored member of DogLife, players will have to work really hard to be recognized. Memorable achievements will be scored as you begin to make your mark. First of all, choosing to live and live in the way your employer wants will help improve the docile achievement score. Other fun activities that keep the owner happy will help you become a hero in the trust rankings. In addition, other friends who are neighbors can also play together and improve their emotions so that they do not become irritable.

Will cats with sharp claws ruin your plans? They are always the enemy of dogs; are you the exception? Take the challenge of peaceful coexistence with cats to receive a medal of honor! Hundreds of other mini stories will help players improve their performance on the leaderboard. Don’t forget your rewards are sumptuous meals and gorgeous outfits!

DogLife: BitLife Dogs DogLife: BitLife Dogs


DogLife will give players many different emotions. You can have fun with any of this adorable dog’s jokes, feel overwhelmed by their actions, or simply be sad because you can’t see your friends today. Various stories are included that will add more memories to your life. When your life cycle closes, we will still recognize that achievement, and you can start a new life. Regularly monitor your old and new activities to improve how you feel during the day!


  • Experience the life of a dog by participating in meaningful activities such as choosing characters, adding new actions, searching for owners, or connecting with your friends at gatherings.
  • Start your journey of life by choosing any dog ​​from our shortlist, and you have the freedom to choose any shape without the hindrance of a pet management system.
  • Choose your employer and place to live in the near future. Take steps to be accepted as the bravest, loyal dog with medals and achievements.
  • You can choose to be a happy pet or create small conflicts with your neighbor’s cat, which is an active part of your ideal puppy life!
  • Get various achievements from checking scores on leaderboards get to the top with meaningful activities. You will get rewards from the owner, including big bones and delicious meals.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs v1.6.0 MOD APK (Top Dog Unlocked/Time Machine) Download

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Genre Apps
Size 101
Mods Top Dog/Time Machine Unlocked
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MOD APK DogLife: BitLife Dogs info:

  • Top Dog Unlocked
  • Time Machine Unlocked

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